British Timken Sub-Aqua Club

You'll never forget your first experience of breathing underwater

We can offer try-dive sessions for first-timers on Friday evenings during school term. To enquire and book a try dive, please get in contact with our club secretary

Try Dives

If you're interested in diving for the first time then a try dive is for you. Firstly you'll get an an introduction to SCUBA diving and what you can expect when you enter the water. Then we'll introduce you to all the equipment and get you into the pool. You can begin to get a feel for the basic equipment and skills, we'll give you plenty of time to enjoy the feelings of weightlessness and breathing underwater, before leaving the pool and talking over your experience. You'll finish the try-dive with a certificate and a BSAC information pack.

We also offer try dive vouchers that make excellent and interesting gifts for friends and family. Try dives and try dive vouchers are available for just £15.00. To enquire or order a gift voucher, please email or call us (see Contact Us below). Please note the minimum age for a try dive is 12, and a parent/guardian must be present with all children.


If you finish your first dive and can't wait to go again, BTSAC can offer lots of opportunities to develop your skills in the water, visit our training page to find out more

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