British Timken Sub-Aqua Club: Northampton

Welcome to the British Timken Sub-Aqua club homepage.

We're a Northampton based scuba club, we dive throughout the year, making use of facilities at Duston School for sheltered training, and Stoney Cove for open water training. We have a wide variety of members, all of whom share a common interest in diving.

British Timken Sub-Aqua Club is branch number 0073 of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). The club was founded by employees of British Timken, who had built a factory in Duston, outside Northampton in 1941. We are currently seeking to expand our membership so if you're an experienced diver moving into the local area, have tried diving once or twice on holiday and would like do more, or would like the opportunity to try scuba for the first time, it would be great to hear from you!

We welcome divers from all other training organisations; PADI, SCOTSAC etc.

Try Dives

If you're interested in diving for the first time then a try dive is for you. Firstly you'll get an an introduction to SCUBA diving and what you can expect when you enter the water. Then we'll introduce you to all the equipment and get you into the pool. You can begin to get a feel for the basic equipment and skills, we'll give you plenty of time to enjoy the feelings of weightlessness and breathing underwater, before leaving the pool and talking over your experience. You'll finish the try-dive with a certificate and a BSAC information pack.

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We meet on Friday nights at The Duston School pool during term-time (September to June). If you are interested in developing your skills as an Ocean Diver(the first BSAC qualification) you must complete a programme of training in the classroom and pool before progressing to open water. We'll make sure you have all the basic skills to dive to a maximum depth of 20 metres with a "buddy" in British open-water conditions. After Ocean Diver there are many other opportunities to advance your dive skills, progressing to Sports Diver and Dive Leader and to develop first aid and boat handling qualifications.

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Dive Trips

British Timken Members organise dive trips to a variety of locations around the UK and further afield. Recent destinations have included Scapa Flow, Norway and Swanage

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